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The Importance of Language

After a short walk in the late afternoon sunshine, I found myself praising my noble steeds who come with me almost everywhere; aka my frenchtons. Moose, I’d argue the most sweet and stubborn frenchton, has Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD). This means most of what he does has to be monitored carefully as it takes more out of him and can lead to serious injury. It also means he and I connect on a deeper level […]

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Get back on that horse

A few years ago I was diagnosed with a variety of conditions that came with the term “chronic.” Throughout the grief process, my partner encouraged me to write about it. It was uncomfortable to be publicly vulnerable in a professional world where “weakness = bad.” I sat there knowing logically that vulnerability was a sign of strength, but the risk adverse [read: scared] side of me still wasn’t convinced. How could a young professional, a […]

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Your work-life balance is killing you

This is not yet another article where someone informs you that you need better balance in your life or you’re going to burnout and fall apart. We all know we have to have balance. We all know that the personal side of the stick tends to end up with more mud on it than the work side because the work side allows us to do all the personal things and keep roofs over our heads. […]

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