How we work together

We believe that partnership is key to our work together. That means we start off with a with a complementary 20 minute chat, where we discuss where you’re at now and where you’d like to be. This allows us both to assess if we are a good fit before getting started. 

You then choose the one-off Deep Dive session or the Vital Wellbeing package, where we work together over a period of several months, meeting every other week, making progress toward your goals. Currently sessions are only offered virtually.

All sessions are customized to you and your unique goals. This is not a “one size fits all” solution and it is our duty to meet you wherever you find yourself.

If you are interested in coaching and aren’t sure what fits your needs, please contact us! We’re always happy to discuss. 


Deep Dive

75-90 minutes | $195

  • Gain clarity of your values, what health means to you, where you are currently, your goals, challenges and aspirations
  • Set a goal with measured action steps, with backup plans and accountability

Vital Wellbeing

Three months | $1295

  • Eight personalized sessions during a three month period
  • Includes Discovery Session valued at $195
  • Create a strong foundation based on your vision of health
  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what works for you
  • Create lasting change for long term health and happiness
  • Additional resources & supportive practices aligned to your goals (per your direction)
  • Accountability and key learnings emphasis during action item phase
  • Celebration of all accomplishments, big and small

Extended packages are available uponĀ request.