Health & wellness coaches support clients in activating internal strengths and external resources to make sustainable and healthy lifestyle behavior changes. Health coaches use a client-centered approach wherein clients decide their goals, engage in self-discovery or active learning processes, and self-monitor behaviors to increase accountability, all within the context of an interpersonal relationship with a health coach.

Whatever goal the client sets, the health coach ensures that they are supported until the desired outcome is achieved. Our board-certified coaches display an unconditional positive regard for their clients and have trained to the highest standards in the profession which means that they have the skills and knowledge to walk alongside you on your path to your healthiest self.

-National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching

In plain English

Coaching provides clients a safe, confidential space to reflect, reframe, and work toward a healthy lifestyle.

Health Coaches work with clients one-on-one in a partnership effort to make incremental steps toward a client’s health and wellbeing goals.

This can be anything from what you would consider health focused goals such as weight loss, having a healthy exercise routine, improving sleep and reducing or eliminating negative habits. 

What coaching is not

Coaching is not therapy. Therapy focuses on the past whereas we focus on helping our clients build a healthy approach to life and wellness going forward.

Coaching is not a diagnostic session or an appointment with a doctor.