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Deep Dive Session

Dip your toes into health and well being coaching with a deep dive into a focus area of your choice.

Packaged Coaching

Ready to commit? Set up a three or six month partnership where you will meet with our coach every other week and actively work together on achieving your SMART goals!

Group Coaching

Interested in securing coaching for a group? Whether a personal or professional environment, we have customizable options for you.

Health and well-being coaching to allow you to be Unlimited with Exceptions.

I’ve had sleep onset insomnia for years and until Amanda every attempt at shifting my sleep schedule back even 10 minutes had failed miserably. Not only did she help me to develop a sleep routine that works for me, but I gained confidence in understanding those needs. Through our sessions I discovered limiting beliefs that had kept me from being successful in my previous attempts & we worked to develop strategies to let them go. With her support I successfully pushed my sleep back 2 hours! She is very supportive, understanding & super insightful. I always enjoyed our sessions together. I highly recommend her to anyone.